WAKA Kickball Awards Its First Franchise Location

The World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) recently awarded its first franchise, in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Sean Gaubert. Owner Johnny LeHane says, “Mr. Gaubert has been a great asset to WAKA through his dedication and hard work. Mr. Gaubert has helped develop WAKA in the New Orleans area as a local representative and we are excited to grant him the New Orleans Franchise.” Kicking since 1998, WAKA was founded by a group of friends and was designed to provide and promote the joy of kickball to those young at heart. WAKA now has leagues in over 35 states with thousands of kickballers flocking to Las Vegas annually for the World Kickball Championship Weekend.

As a low cost initial investment franchise, WAKA capitalizes on space in open fields already provided for public usage by park districts, or schools, on an individual basis. This allows the prospective franchisee to work at home and only focus their energy on day to day operations such as logistics, kickball equipment, and the marketing campaign. WAKA Kickball looks to expand to over 200 locations within the next five years.

WAKA Kickball is the preeminent adult kickball organization and the world authority and governing body of kickball. For the past twelve years WAKA has invited adults to join, play, and party with friends as well as the new people they will meet. This social kickball system was started with the social-player in mind as tens of thousands of players continually enjoy the distinctive WAKA experience. WAKA persistently works to maintain and enhance this experience, through rules updates and enhancements in the kickball and social aspects to support the all-important social interaction among players both on and off the field.

A young professional around the age of 21 or older is the general make up of the WAKA kickball player. The leagues are co-ed and the play is like the elementary school game making this an easy game that is open to all skill levels. Consisting of a an eight week schedule regular season, a two week division championship tournament, and many social events to mingle with others makes the WAKA Kickball season fun and entertaining. WAKA Kickball is unique by offering all sorts of merchandise for everyone to purchase in the numerous leagues, or for people outside the leagues just supporting a team. Interested in learning more about a WAKA Kickball franchise? Visit them at http://www.kickball.com, or call (703) 319-3473 for more information.

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