Redmond, WA- Protingent Staffing has recently sold another franchise. One of their long-term corporate employees decided to upgrade from being an employee to being the boss and purchased a franchise. He will be moving from Washington to California to establish this new office. This is a testament to the value proposition that Protingent Staffing offers to their franchisees. The fact is, someone inside the company already is in the best position to be able to evaluate the franchise opportunity.

The Protingent Staffing franchise specializes in providing product development engineers to businesses in need of technology experts. Their recruiters take the time to pre-screen all IT candidates properly in order to find the right person for the job. Having opportunities in software, hardware, system, test, and manufacturing engineering to information technology and aerospace aviation, Protingent Staffing has staff working fast to access the best engineers in the area.

Given that the economic climate has been tenuous, this franchise opportunity offers a solution to the IT professional that is out of work, as well as the companies that are looking to upgrade their technology staff to be able to more readily compete in this technological world in which we all now live. Among the biggest gainers in this booming industry are staffing companies that focus on white-collar, Information Technology, professions. It seems that many workers are turning to Protingent Staffing looking for a job opportunity, and it seems American companies are turning to technical staffing firms in increasing numbers to fill their specialized vacancies, needs, and/or opportunities. In 2009 protingent Staffing made the prestigious Inc. 5000 list for the fourth consecutive year in a row. To get more information on the Protingent Staffing franchise, visit their website at

Protingent Staffing engaged Francorp to assist them in developing their franchise program. Protingent Staffing was interested in creating a mutually beneficial relationship with their franchisees and sought Francorp’s council on this issue. Francorp has been in business for over 34 years and has helped thousands of companies expand through franchising. As a one-stop shop, Francorp assists companies in the development of their franchise business plans, compliance documents, operational manuals, marketing strategies and more to help companies expand. Capitalizing on Francorp’s track record of success and wealth of franchise knowledge, Protingent Staffing is poised to expand with a program specifically designed to leverage their immense depth of intellectual property. If you are looking to franchise your business or learn more about how to franchise, please visit  and download the free e-book and take the franchise quiz today!