Franchising Can Make Your Dreams Come True

Still feeling the effects of the recession? Looking to get in business for yourself, but don’t want to take the risk of getting in business by yourself? Downturns in the economy have always been the best periods in history when it comes to entrepreneurial activity. People tend to be out of work which allows for people to take the first step in opening their own business. So is now still the time to franchise? Absolutely!

Small businesses to corporate conglomerates are still feeling the effects of the recession. Most companies pulled in their horns, and many are in the same situation. These businesses feel uncertainty, making them hesitant to expand. Small businesses typically utilize their own capital to see growth in expansion, but with franchising, this is not the case. As a franchisor, one uses the capital of the prospective franchisee to open new locations and expand the brand into new markets. Franchised businesses are capable of picking up tremendous market share by continually opening new business locations while others are scaling back.

Yes, credit is still tight, but with so many individuals unemployed, there is still a pool of talented individuals looking to get into business with an established brand. Most of these individuals have always wanted to own their own business, but never took the risk. Now is the time! Franchising puts the odds in favor of new entrepreneurs due to a proven concept that is replicable and developed. Everything is there from the manuals and systems to the marketing and accounting. Now is the time to take advantage of the weakened economy, markets and competitors. Entrepreneurs can achieve the American Dream through franchising by growing their brand and location from one, too many.

Francorp has been in operation for over 36 years, making it the world’s oldest and largest franchise consulting firm and has assisted over 2,000 companies with franchise expansion. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Francorp provides an “all under one roof” approach which allows for you to focus on your business and have one single point of contact and consultation. Francorp has offices all over the world and can assist your company in any of your franchising needs.

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