You have an idea, a great idea, and you’re ready to capitalize on it. You think you’d like to sell franchises, but you’re not quite sure how to protect your idea, or how to prepare a Franchise Offering.

If you have an idea that must get to market quickly, franchising can be a smart choice. Call us to discuss your options.

You can determine whether your idea may be franchisable, by taking our Franchisability Quiz.

There are several ways to get started with Francorp. We can guide you in developing your business prototype, develop it to profitability, and prepare your franchise offering. This is an important step, since franchisees don’t invest franchise fees in untested concepts.

Then, when you’re ready to sell franchises, we can help you to devise a strategy to find the right franchisees. Francorp assists in launching about one-fourth of all franchises annually. We’ve counseled over 10,000 businesses, and helped over 2,000 companies to achieve their dreams.