People are often surprised when they call Francorp for the first time. Most likely they expect us to be pushy. That’s just not how we do business. We understand that the decision to franchise is one you need to make logically and at your own pace.

  • If you have an idea that needs to get to market quickly, there are advantages to franchising with Francorp.
  • You can look to us to help you fast track your franchise development.
  • If you have the funding, we can even help you take your idea to market and franchise it.

Francorp is a credible and experienced company that offers unique value to our customers – differences that matter to your success as a franchisor. When you call Francorp during business hours a real person will pick up the phone. You’ll quickly be connected to a franchise analyst. You and your analyst will discuss the current development of your company, as well as the next logical steps for you to take.

Webinars and seminars

You may be invited to a franchise seminar or other upcoming Francorp events to meet with a Francorp franchise consultant in person and learn more about your potential to franchise your business. You may be invited to visit us at our Chicago headquarters. We’d love for you to see our facility, meet our team, see our track record first-hand through examples of the companies we’ve helped through the very processes you’re contemplating. You’ll meet with a senior franchise analyst to discuss your options; to help you find answers quickly; and also to become comfortable with Francorp’s 20 step methodology. It’s a proven method that has worked for our clients time and again. When you first contact us, you won’t get a sales pitch. You won’t be pressured at all. But by time you leave your first meeting with one of our analysts, you’ll walk out with an action plan to either become more franchisable, or to start the franchising process.

Being prepared

If you’d like to be better prepared before that first call, we’ve prepared franchise help and information tools for you.

Now that you’re comfortable in knowing what to expect, would you like to get started with Francorp’s development services quickly? You can set up an appointment with a consultant online; call us directly; or we can even call you.