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1. Franchising Your Business

Francorp Chairman, Donald D Boroian, and Francorp President, L. Patrick Callaway, address the core questions involved in determining whether or not to franchise a business:

  • How does franchising compare with other growth systems?
  • What are the chief traits of business that succeed in franchising?
  • What results can a business expect from franchising?

Franchising Your Business also discusses the new developments that have radically changed franchising in less than a decade:

  • Why the Internet has revolutionized franchise marketing and how it works.
  • How new profile franchisees give franchisors greater flexibility.

2. Franchise Advantage.

A must have for the franchise library of a new franchisor. The Franchise Advantage tells how to achieve rapid growth through franchising. This book explains in detail what franchising is:

  • lists criteria for determining franchisibility
  • describes the legal requirements of becoming a franchisor
  • describes the legal and operational requirements of becoming a franchisor

The Franchise Advantage also profiles some “Big Winners” and up-and-coming franchises.