29 September 2014
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Time Might Be Slipping Away

Time flies when we are having fun. Time flies even when we are not. It just flies regardless.

We all have time, but how we all use it is another.

Time is a commodity unlike most others, it is consumed no matter what you do.

Gordon Gekko summed it up in the 2010 movie Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps – “Money is not the prime asset in Life. Time is.”

In all aspects of life those who have a handle on time, are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. No kidding.

But why do some of us utilize time better than others? Wasting it really sets one back.

A small list/article by Geoffrey James that recently ran on Inc. (http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/10-huge-time-wasters-that-you-can-do-without.html) titled “10 Huge Time-Wasting Mental Habits” is a starting point in addressing where we may be letting time slip away.

1. Wondering what other people are thinking

2. Speculating how life would be different if only you had….

3. Imagining the worst that could happen

4. Worrying about the economy

5. Getting angry at other drivers

6. Blaming your mother for who you are now

7. Astrology

8. Complaining about things outside your control

9. Expecting anything to be perfect

10. Arguing with strangers

These may appear obvious. Most things in life are, but yet we are always chasing time by the tail.

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