21 July 2017
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Setting Up the Business with Casino Franchise: 20 Super Hot Steps

Starting an online gambling site is just like setting up any other website. The only difference is the targeted consumer base. For the site to be a success, some things have to be given special attention – we will review all methods with the examples on the video slot game called 20 Super Hot -t he most successful among UK targeted audience.

Here are some of those things:


  • Market Research


The global gambling revenue is set to hit $635 billion in the year 2022. A great website can guarantee a share of this money. Before setting up the site, a target audience should have been established. Competitors should also have been scouted. This will help in crafting the website to fit the needs of the consumers as well as to stay ahead of the competition. So for the one slot machine game like there is 20 Super Hot you can look of the statistic of searches and see how many users are searching for this game each months The next step.


  • Getting a Reliable Software Provider


This is the most crucial step of the journey. This will be a long-term relationship thus extra care has to be taken. Take time to consider the provider’s reputation and experience in the gambling sector. It is possible to develop your own website, but the requirements that come with this option make it a costly choice. One of the most reputable developers nowadays is IGT (International Same Technology) which provided the game 20 Super Hot slot. Therefore, you should ensure the following are well-taken care off:

  • An efficient and attractive user interface.
  • An up-to-date gaming management system.
  • Reliable servers.
  • Security of sensitive customer information.
  • A payment module that can support multiple currencies.
  • Availability of various betting markets, events, and popular content.
  • A customer care service.


  • Obtain a Betting Licence


Most countries have different regulations concerning gambling. Some have abolished the practice while others have monopolized it. Others lack regulations on the sector. Obtaining a license can take months or even a year depending on the country. Some of the factors to consider when selecting a country to set up shop in are:

  • The rules on gambling in the state.
  • The costs and taxes.
  • General business practices.
  • Duration it will take for the license application to be processed.

You can also become a licensee of your software provider. With this option you are free to spend your resources on marketing or other endeavors instead of on getting your own permits.


  • Designing a Website


A good user interface is of paramount importance to any website. It is what the users see when they use the website. It can have a great impact on the success of the website. A good user interface should have the following characteristics:

  • Thematicity. Narrow niche nowadays is the most suitable variation to become a leader in the niche, but save money. You may also understand the necessity to add latest and the most popular games like 20 Super Hot, 40 Super Hot and many many more provided either by IGT or Playtech.
  • Clarity. Users must be able to know how the website works easily. It must be concise. If users cannot effectively communicate with the site, then they will become frustrated and stop using it.
  • Responsiveness. The site must be fast. It should also provide some feedback to show users that it is working on their commands. Such can be achieved by displaying a spinning wheel while the site is loading.
  • Consistency. This will help users get used to how things work on the site.
  • Attractiveness. This involves ensuring that interaction with the interface is enjoyable. This will result in consumers looking forward to accessing the website.
  • Forgiving. Consumers might make mistakes while interacting with the site. There must be ways put in place for them to rectify these errors. Especially to retrieve deleted information or to undo costly actions.

Entering the Market as a Franchise



You need to have an agreement with a payment services provider. This is to ensure that both you and the users can easily make transactions. Ideally, your software provider should also avail the payment module. If they are unable to here are some factors to help you in choosing a payment module:

  • Fast processing of transactions.
  • Zero or minimal service charges.
  • Fraud detection capabilities.
  • An established presence in your target market.


  • Marketing the Site


After the design is done, and it is ready then it will be time to get some users. More importantly, to keep them coming back for more. This is when the market research you did earlier will be very useful.

Know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Come up with a strategy to improve or counter their strengths as well as avoid getting the same weaknesses. Television and social media marketing can help you reach a large number of people.

Your main aim should be to have your site gain a reputation of being a top quality product. The launch of the website should be a spectacular occasion so as to arouse intrigue. Once you get people’s attention you then have to keep it. You can do this by offering:

  • Sign up bonuses. Players could get free bonuses when they sign up.
  • Deposit bonuses. Users could get a bonus every time they deposit to the site.
  • Frequent player points. Punters can earn themselves points which can then be redeemed for various rewards that could entice consumers to keep playing. Such a loyalty scheme can make users feel appreciated and trust the website more.
  • Promotional seasonal events. These can be used on various holidays during the year such as Christmas.
  • VIP loyalty programs. These can be huge jackpots meant to entice the high spenders. The 40 Super Hot & 20 Super Hot slot machine provides the best conditions for VIP players, so the revenus practically doubles after taking this direction.
  • Notifications. Keeping the customers updated on the major events can lead to them spending more on the website.

To set up a successful gambling site takes care and hard work. A thorough understanding of the market is of paramount importance. Effort should also be put into the site’s design and legal obligations.