10 December 2010
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Restoration 1 Sells Second Franchise in First Months of Offering Franchises

Restoration 1 sells another franchise, making this their second sold in their first few months of offering franchises. This franchise offering is directly in line with the type of franchise companies that are experiencing growth in this challenged economic climate; home based, low investment, service businesses. It is this same trend that makes a franchise in fire and water damage and restoration such a stable business. Not to mention that this type of company continues to thrive even in challenged economic climates. After all, fires and flooding happens whether the market is up or down.

This franchise focuses primarily on mold removal along with fire and water damage clean up. Striving for excellence and timely service, Restoration 1 will be able to clean up any water damage left on carpets, floors, walls, and furniture allowing your business or home to return to its original or better condition once their work has been completed. Typically after water damage mold is quick to follow. Restoration 1 offers high quality mold remediation, removal, and inspection services at your home or office. Finally fire damage is the most devastating disaster that can happen to your property; therefore quick action is what may save your belongings. Restoration 1 brings knowledge and experience to restore and reconstruct your property. This franchise is equipped with all the latest advanced technology and tools to ensure that your property will be restored perfectly. In all three categories, Restoration 1’s employees participate in regular training and educational courses to provide the best fire, water and mold restoration service possible. To get more information on the Restoration 1 franchise, visit their website at http://www.restoration1.com, or call (800) 861-1946.

Restoration 1 engaged Francorp to assist them in developing their franchise program. Francorp has been in business for over 34 years and has helped thousands of companies expand through franchising. As a one-stop shop, Francorp assists companies in the development of their franchise business plans, compliance documents, operational manuals, marketing strategies and more to help companies expand. Capitalizing on Francorp’s track record of success and wealth of franchise knowledge, Restoration 1 is poised to expand with a program specifically designed to leverage their immense depth of intellectual property.

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