17 December 2010
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Rabine Group Named 12th Fastest Growing Company in Chicago

Chicago Business Journal powered by Crain’s just announced their fastest growing companies at the end of May 2010 in the Chicago region. Rabine Group of Construction out of Schaumburg, IL has climbed the list and is ranked at 12th overall. The Chicago Business Journal has predicted their five-year growth to reach 667%. Realizing the recession is hitting everyone, the Rabine Group decided to expand their market by attracting business nationwide. In doing so their projects located outside of Illinois grew from 102 in 2008, to 122 in 2009.

Rabine is capitalizing in territory expansion along with the “green” sector of construction. Solar roofs and pervious pavement are two of many options in which Rabine is offering clients as a motive to become a part of the movement. The CEO of Rabine believes the company is able to attract and keep clients due to the wide range of services provided by the company, such as concrete, paving, and roofing. On top of the green movement, Rabine also offers complimentary civil engineering services to help customers with long-term budgeting. In 2009 Rabine had 3,150 clients with no single customer accounting for more than 8% of revenue. To get more information on the Rabine Group of Construction visit their website at http://www.rabinegroup.com.

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