7 January 2015
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Pride in the Restaurant Industry

It is incredibly important, an absolute necessity for individuals to be proud of their work in order for them to enjoy and be successful at their job and the organization to exist and function properly.

A recent study by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) points out that a good portion of employees are proud to work in the restaurant industry.

Upwards of 5100 full-time and part-time current and former employees as well as those that own and operate restaurants were surveyed and the figures below gauge the pride per classification:

  • 94% – Involved with Business Operations
  • 92% – Restaurant Managers
  • 92% – Chefs and Cooks
  • 85% – Hosts and Hostesses
  • 80% – Bartenders

More than 90 percent of those that responded between the age of 35 and 64 are proud to work in the Restaurant Industry and around 78 percent under the age of 18 feel proud as well.

Whether it is a franchise, corporate chain, or Ma and Pop outfit, it is vital that the employees feel pride in their work and willingly take place in the culture. This report shows a definite positive and solid trend in the Restaurant Industry.

For additional information on the NRAEF read more or visit http://www.nraef.org/Build-Talent/Workforce-Research.

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