21 December 2010
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Pickett's Bambino Opens New Location

Pickett’s Bambino opened a new flagship location to make it their third company owned location. Pickets will soon begin to offer franchises after receiving countless inquiries over the years from people interested in opening a Pickett’s Bambino location of their own. Do to the great demand of the pizza in their family restaurant, Ryan Pickett decided to branch out and create a new age fast casual restaurant of his own, Pickett’s Bambino’s. His signature product is called the “Bambino,” which is described by Ryan as follows, “a calzone-like product, but with empanada-like dough rather than the pizza dough used in calzones.” The individuality of this “Bambino” brings out the homemade characteristic which allows it to stand out from any other pizza in the food industry. Manufactured form a secret family recipe, both the dough and the sauce are made fresh providing supreme taste and excellence. Pickett’s Bambino believes the locals love it, the not-so-locals will drive for it, and those having moved away, always find their way back to get their Bambino fix while visiting.

Pickett’s Bambino consulted with Francorp Inc., the world’s leading franchise development firm, to fully develop their franchise program. Francorp offices are located worldwide and have helped over 2000 companies expand through franchising in over 34 years. Francorp provides customized programs in a one-stop shop for all of the needs of a potential franchisor looking to exponentially expand their business.

If you are interested in learning more about The Pickett’s Bambino franchise opportunity please visit http://www.pickettsbambino.com or call (208) 745-8567.

If you are interested in learning more about how to franchise your business, please contact Francorp at 1-800-FRANCHISE (800-372-6244) to speak with a Franchise Analyst today, or visit http://www.francorp.com.

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