8 October 2014
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New Pizza Concept Will Rock The Fast Casual Sector

By Don Boroian – Chairman, Francorp Inc.

Is Chipotle going to do it again?

After elbowing its way in as a significant player in the Fast Casual Mexican Food sector, Chipotle is now taking on the Fast Casual Pizza sector with Pizzeria Locale. The key word here is “Fast”.

Utilizing an oven that cooks pizzas in two minutes, Chipotle is attempting to replicate their success with burritos in the pizza business.

However, early reports are that the quality of the product does not compare with west coast based Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria, which cooks a pizza under two minutes in their wood-burning oven emphasizing moisture balancing and higher quality ingredients as does another west coast pizzeria, 800 Degree Pizza, which has four units.

Persona is now franchising nationally and has engaged Francorp to develop their franchise program.

Early predictions are that Chipotle’s new concept will be more analogous to the impact that Domino’s had with their 20 minute…”hot and fast” , but not necessarily good, delivery success.

Persona’s 90-second crafted pizza has great appeal with consumers who like a high quality, gourmet pizza, but with a faster-served model.

There is no question that the foodservice industry is at the dawn of a new era….

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