1 May 2015
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Are you as productive as you think?

Work, work, work, right through lunch. No breaks, no time for anything else.  Got to get this project done.

Does this sound familiar?

Sure it does. People in the United States work their butts off. Time is the most important commodity, so forgoing breaks and lunches are sacrifices in the spirit of the task at hand and getting more done.

Then why are we less productive than the French? What did I say?

Data provided by Pipedrive, a sales software company, shows that from the one million sales activities from more than 10,000 global small businesses analyzed including emails, calls, and meetings that the French are more productive than their American counterparts, especially those from the East Coast.  (see the graphs)

One explanation is that the French take two hour lunches. The data reveals that salespeople from France are not only productive in the morning, but more so in the afternoon.

Sales people in the United States often eat a quick lunch at their desks or skip the meal all together. The statistics show that these individuals peak around noon and then continually decline from there.

The results suggest that it is not about eating an enormous meal, it is about getting away for a while and mentally taking a break.

So, in conclusion, invest in a little away time from work and be more productive. Sales depend on it.


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