20 December 2007
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HotBox Pizza Announces Franchising Efforts

Gabe Connell has announced HotBox Pizza will be launching an aggressive expansion program through franchising. And with a slogan of “hot, but not skanky”, how can one resist?

They love pizza. Even more, they love serving up the best pizza and breadstix for their fans to enjoy. And it seemed to Gabe that the gap between the bland, big chains and the neighborhood gourmet pizza restaurants was expanding. Therefore, Gabe established HotBox Pizza to fill that gap.

HotBox Pizza is not just a typical pizza place; it’s a way of life. HotBox Pizza is an attitude, an experience. According to Gabe, “it’s a way for people to stand up and say I deserve great pizza, served up quickly in a fun place.” HotBox Pizza’s menu offers an eclectic selection of pizzas including the Hot Chick, the Big Cheese and Porky the Pie. HotBox Pizza only focuses on pizzas and breadsticks, allowing them to be great at both rather than mediocre at a large menu selection.

Recently, Gabe approached Francorp, the consulting leader in franchising, to assist in the development of the HotBox Pizza franchise program. According to Francorp’s Executive Vice President, Michael Stadnicki, “HotBox Pizza is a national brand waiting to happen.”

Gabe believes that “HotBox Pizza is a fun brand with a quality product. We want to provide opportunities to the right franchisees and serve neighborhoods that are in need of an alternative to the bland; neighborhoods that need HotBox Pizza.” For more information, visit www.gethotboxpizza.com, email gabe@gethotboxpizza.com or call (317) 201-6124.

If you are interested in learning more about how to franchise your business, contact Francorp at 708-481-2900 to speak with a Franchise Analyst today, or visit http://www.francorp.com.

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