11 December 2014
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From Southeastern Ontario to Southeastern US: PigOut Catering Chooses Franchising

Looking to WOW guests of your upcoming event? Doing so may become much easier for companies in the southeastern United States—PigOut Catering is taking to the Southeast with its concept, featuring additive-free catered meals cooked fresh for corporate lunches, weddings, and more. See PigOut’s journey and choice to franchise from Francorp—The Franchising Leader.

What is PigOut Catering?

PigOut Cater­ing is a Spe­cial Event Caterer offer­ing a unique expe­ri­ence for its guests, Menus incor­po­rate local pro­duce cooked fresh at your event includ­ing fea­ture roasts, bar­be­cue meats and fish from the grill.

The concept that creates unique sight, smell, and taste experiences for guests by roasting and grilling a range of fresh, all natural meats and produce including pig roast, hip of beef, rotisserie chicken, roast lamb, and full barbeque on site at.

Why Start in the Southeastern US?

Looking to take advantage of longer warm seasons (not to mention the beautiful tailgates), PigOut Catering took the advice of Francorp team, choosing to begin operations in the Southeastern United States.

“The year round warm climate of the Southern States is ideal for the professional upscale barbeque business as events are most often held outside,” said Anne Dickson, Sales and Marketing Director at PigOut Roasters.

Why Franchising for PigOut?

With operations spread throughout Canada, PigOut made a calculated decision to use franchising as the way to expand their business into the United States.

“We appreciate that when someone owns their own franchise they are passionate and prepared to go the extra mile to ensure complete guest satisfaction,” Dickson said. “We have a strong support system in place to help owners grow their businesses rapidly. This is a unique product that has no direct competition in its market place.”

Franchising is a mode of business expansion that is allowing PigOut Catering to grow by offering individuals the opportunity to own and operate their own event catering business with the brand, operational knowledge, and support of the PigOut network.

Why did PigOut Choose Francorp?

PigOut is working with Francorp Inc., the world’s leading franchise consulting firm, to help in their advancement. Francorp has worked with thousands of franchise businesses in their evolution including Jimmy John’s, McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Francorp offered PigOut Catering its services, helping the company to plan its expansion route, work through the legal issues coming with operating in two countries, and drafting a strategic plan to fuel its growth in the years to come.

How to Franchise a PigOut Catering

PigOut is currently offering franchise opportunities in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and the Carolinas well as New York. Interested individuals can contact PigOut Catering at 1-800-737-3750 ext 1 or franchise@pigout.catering.

View the entire PigOut franchising page to learn current success stories, the roasting advantage, and the benefits that you can gain out of franchising a PigOut Catering.

How to Become the Next Francorp Success Story

Looking to join the ranks of PigOut Catering, McDonalds, KFC, and 43 of the top Franchise Times 200? Our franchise advisors are ready to help you. Through the Francorp process, we have helped thousands of business owners take their business from concept to successful franchise. Take our “Are You Franchisable” quiz, and contact us at 1-800-372-6244 or by filling out this form.

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