11 May 2015
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Types of Franchises

You are at the stage in your business where you have decided that you are going to franchise your business. The next part of the growth movement is to determine what type of franchise you will be selling. The basic types include the subfranchise, the multi-unit franchise, and the individual franchise.   Subfranchises For business […]

20 April 2015
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Do I Really Need a Business Plan?

If you are driving somewhere unfamiliar, how do you get there? Do you ask someone, do you look at a map, or might you use an app on your smartphone? Usually, through whatever means, you plan the route in some manner to arrive at your destination. Is your business or concept’s future really any different? […]

12 April 2015
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A Strategic First Step

When an entrepreneur or company decides to franchise their business or concept a lot of anxiety can be alleviated from a very exciting process by having a franchise system plan of attack in order. Nike AIR Max 2017 Dames Zwart Wit A scheme with four main parts. As the initial step an attorney might suggest […]

4 April 2015
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What Makes a Good Franchisor?

Aside from buying a home, Nike Free Run 3 Goedkoop selecting which franchise to purchase can be the biggest financial decision of a franchisee’s life. There are always plenty of franchises available on the market at every imaginable price point, Nike Roshe Run Goedkoop which begs the question: how can a franchisor set themselves apart […]