5 January 2013
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But that can run counter to the folksy senator’s anti elitist

It doesn’t look that great. I was just a hair off on a few things. We just kept finding ways to not put points on the board, and that falls on my shoulders.”. On a single day in September, he raised at least $3.6 million doing four events in New York, according to an Associated Press analysis of information provided by the campaign.It’s a role he knows well, having helped build a national network as the head of the Democratic National Committee. But that can run counter to the folksy senator’s anti elitist bent.The Harvard trained attorney and former governor eschewed a life of wealth in favor of a more modest middle class lifestyle, and Kaine often bemoans the outsized influence the wealthy have on politics. Kaine said he’d like to see “dramatic” reforms to America’s campaign finance laws, but he says he’s not going to disarm “unilaterally.”The donors Kaine meets with in private say he brings an authenticity to his work that seems lacking in politics today.

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