11 April 2013
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Both victims were transported to a local hospital and were

Police say the driver did not appear to be driving for the company at the time of the shooting.”At this point it doesn appear to be a connection to that chloe-replicahandbags.com, but we certainly see where the investigation takes us Chloe Replica Handbags,” Officer Watson said.Officer Watson said it happened during peak traffic time and encouraged motorists who may have witnessed any shootings or suspicious activity to come forward. In addition, she had advised anyone who had been on eastbound 580 in the timeframe of the shooting to get out and walk around their vehicles when they get home to check to see if it had been shot.Emergency medical services responded to the scene to provide medical attention. Both victims were transported to a local hospital and were listed in stable condition.Skyfox could see the white 4 door Nissan car on the freeway with a Lyft sticker on the front windshield that had what appeared to be multiple bullet holes in it.Currently, the California Highway Patrol is assisting with this incident.

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