25 December 2008
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Ben’s Bark Ave. Bistro to Expand Through Franchising

Ben’s Bark Ave. Bistro has announced they are launching an aggressive expansion program through franchising.

For more than 3 years, Ben’s Bark Ave. Bistro has introduced and educated pet owners on the healthy alternative to the vast number of poor quality pet foods sold across America. “Our goal is to educate these pet companions on the healthy and nutritious foods that are available nationwide,” states co-owner Sally Romero.

Ben’s Bark Ave. Bistro accomplishes this task by stocking as many healthy foods as they can fit into their store. They refuse to supply or sell what they believe are inferior foods just to get the customer (companion) in the door. The pet’s companion is simply the food provider, not the customer. The customer is their pet, a consumer that cannot communicate or complain. The inferior pet food industry takes full advantage of this fact. And what are these inferior products that they speak of? Corn, by-products of any kind, cancer causing chemical preservatives, colorings and even euthanized pets, to name just a few.

As difficult as it is to believe, millions of these deceased dogs and cats are processed each year at rendering plants across America. Some of these multinational corporations make use of these disgusting and poor quality protein sources (meat and meat by-products) from rendered or, more simply stated, cooked and converted animals including dogs and cats. These products, along with a variety of fractioned and empty grain products, represent the protein percentages listed on the food.

Sally and her husband Brad opened Ben’s Bark Ave. Bistro due to an overwhelming desire and sense of necessity to educate the companions of America’s dogs and cats about the sinful ingredients that these multinational corporations use in their low-grade pet foods and the poor practices that they utilize while manufacturing them. These corporations then spend tens of millions of advertising dollars to promote these low-quality foods. Brad simply states, “The most expensive thing in the bag is the bag itself – trash in a fancy garbage bag.”

“We simply will not lower our standards and sell inferior products. We will not stock these substandard foods or any products we feel are not in the best interest of the pet,” remarks Sally. “We only supply what we truly believe in. Our business is based not only on providing nutritional food, but also providing information, education and the consultation to inform the companion of the nutritional needs of their pet. We spend as much time as the companion/customer needs and provide them with the information they need to make the right decision for their dog or cat.” A vast majority return flabbergasted by their pet’s enthusiastic response to the new food and the positive change they observe in their pet after just a few weeks.

The need to inform America to what is truly occurring in the pet food industry has driven Ben’s Bark Ave. Bistro to franchise. To help in this process, they have approached Francorp, the world’s leader in franchise consulting, to assist them in the development of their franchise program. “We hope to expand nationwide to help service all of America’s dogs and cats and educate their companions to confidently extend their pet’s life through proper and healthy nutrition,” explains Sally.

For more information about Ben’s Bark Ave. Bistro, call (888) 760-DOGS (3647) or visit www.bensbistro.com

If you are interested in learning more about how to franchise your business, contact Francorp at 708-481-2900 to speak with a Franchise Analyst today, or visit http://www.francorp.com.

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