13 August 2014
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At a Expansion Crossroads in Your Business?

At an Expansion Crossroads in Your Business?

As a business owner you come to that point, a crossroads. The business is successful, it is making money.

The time has come to seriously look at expansion.

First you have to consider the consequences of not expanding. The first effect is the loss of momentum. In business, you do not stand still. You move forward or fall behind.

Here are three reasons businesses do not expand:

1. Lack of capital 2. Lack of dedicated people 3. Lack of vision

Coincidently, the same three reasons that companies franchise are quite similar:

1. Lack of capital 2. Lack of qualified people 3. The need or desire to move the business along more rapidly

The biggest roadblock in your ability to expand is probably capital. To grow takes money.

If you do not happen to have an unlimited bank account you need to look for another way to expand – or get left behind.

There are four ways to raise expansion capital: Internally Generated Capital, Borrowed Capital, Equity Capital, and Franchising.

Franchising a business offers business owners effective ways of expanding.

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