9 July 2013
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A spokesman for the American Army

I love to cook, and longed for eager guinea pigs at the table. I had spent too many years living alone and attempting to divide recipes in fourths, or eating leftovers night after night. What joy to march boldly into a recipe that “serves six”! Joy, that is, as long as my diners wouldn’t stick out their tongues and yell “yuck!”.

wholesale nfl jerseys Kyle earned his title of America’s most deadly sniper because of a recorded 160 confirmed kills from 255 probable kills. But there’s a slight discrepancy over who was keeping track of these kills anyway. A spokesman for the American Army, Wayne V Hall, told NBC news that they don’t “keep any official, or unofficial, record of confirmed kills.” This was corroborated by Ken McGraw, a spokesman for the US Special Operations Command, who said: “If anything, we shy away from reporting numbers like that. wholesale nfl jerseys

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